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Water pressure (Smipw)

The pressure exerted by a column of water when confined. (Source: sdrc.lib.uiowa.edu/eng/bridges/WaddellGlossary/GlossW.htm)
Use For
Hydraulic pressure
Hydromechanic pressure
Broader Term
Pressure (Smip)
Narrower Terms
Hydrodynamic pressure (Smipwd)
Hydrostatic pressure (Smipws)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Air pressure (Smipa)
Back pressure (Smipb)
Confining pressure (Smipc)
Dynamic pressure (Smipd)
Earth pressure (Smipe)
Effective stress (Smipg)
Pore pressure (Smipp)
Preconsolidation pressure (Smipq)
Static pressure (Smips)
Uplift pressure (Smipu)
Vacuum (Smipv)
Wind pressure (Smipx)