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Mathematical analysis (Uh)

The branch of mathematics concerned with limits and convergence of sequences and series in differential and integral calculus. (Source: Team)
Broader Term
Mathematics (U)
Narrower Terms
General aspects of mathematical analysis (Uhb)
Operational calculus (Uhc)
Differential equations (Uhd)
Special functions (Mathematics) (Uhm)
Numerical analysis (Uht)
Sensitivity analysis (Uhv)
Frequency domain analysis (Uhw)
Time domain analysis (Uhx)
Catastrophe theory (Uhy)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
General principles of mathematics (Ub)
Algebra and number theory (Ud)
Arithmetic (Uf)
Heuristic methods (Uk)
Topology (Un)
Operations research (Uo)
Geometry (Up)
Statistical analysis (Us)
Trigonometry (Ut)