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Performance based specifications (Xxsp)

Specifications that describe how the finished product should perform over time. Also, QA (quality assurance) specifications that describe the desired levels of fundamental engineering properties (e.g., resilient modulus, creep properties, and fatigue properties). These properties are predictors of performance and appear in primary prediction relationships (i.e., models that can be used to predict pavement stress, distress, or performance from combinations of predictors that represent traffic, environmental, roadbed, and structural conditions). Also, QA specifications that describe the desired levels of key materials and construction quality characteristics that have been found to correlate with fundamental engineering properties that predict performance. These characteristics (for example, air voids in asphaltic pavements and strength of concrete cores) are amenable to acceptance testing at the time of construction. True performance-related specifications not only describe the desired levels of these quality characteristics, but also employ the quantified relationships containing the characteristics to predict subsequent pavement performance. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
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