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Legal factors (Csm)

Computer viruses ()
Management and organization (C)
     Related Term (Associative): Transportation operations (B); Information, data, and knowledge (X)
    Jurisprudence and judicial processes (Cs)
         Use For: Law jurisprudence
         Related Term (Associative): Law enforcement (Hr)
        Judicial processes (Csa)
        Litigation (Csb)
        Courts (Csc)
             Use For: Courts of law
        Trials (Csd)
        Evidence (Cse)
        Penalties (Csf)
        Prosecution (Csg)
        Appeals (Csh)
        Adjudication (Csi)
        Sanctions (Csj)
        Probation (Csk)
        Legal factors (Csm)
             Use For: Legal aspects
             Related Term (Associative): Political factors (Crpf); Social factors (Kh)
            Legal action (Csma)
            Legal constraints (Csmc)
            Legal status (Csml)
            Legal responsibility (Csmp)
            Legal rights (Csmr)