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Control devices (Dcj)

Communication and control (D)
    Control (Dc)
         Use For: Control theory
        Automation (Dcb)
             Use For: Automated control systems
        Control systems (Dcg)
             Use For: Computer control systems; Computerized control systems
        Properties of control systems (Dch)
        Control devices (Dcj)
             Use For: Control equipment; Control system hardware
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt); Electronic equipment (Qtbe)
            Actuators (Dcja)
            Automatic controllers (Dcjb)
                 Use For: Controllers (Automatic control equipment)
            Control consoles (Dcjd)
            Loops (Control systems) (Dcjm)
                 Use For: Control loops
            Permanent magnets (Dcjp)
                 Use For: Magnetic nails
                 Related Term (Associative): Roadway guidance markers (Dcnsyhr)
            Robots (Dcjr)
            Servomechanisms (Dcjs)
            Thyristors (Dcjt)
            Timers (Dcju)
        Control system applications (Dcm)
        Navigation (Dcn)
        Train operation (Dct)
             Use For: Train handling
             Related Term (Associative): Pilotage and driving (Dcnbs); Train crews (Mtgr)