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Block control systems (Dcmvgyfx)

Computer viruses ()
Communication and control (D)
    Control (Dc)
         Use For: Control theory
        Control system applications (Dcm)
            Automated vehicle control (Dcmv)
                 Use For: Automated transportation systems; Automatic navigation systems; Automatic transportation systems; Vehicle control; Vehicle guidance
                 Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Vehicle electronics (Qpv)
                Automated vehicle control for ground vehicles (Dcmvg)
                    Control of specific ground vehicles (Dcmvgy)
                        Automatic train control (Dcmvgyf)
                             Use For: Train control; Unattended train operation (UTO)
                             Related Term (Associative): Automatic braking (Dcmvgmb)
                            Automatic train operation (Dcmvgyfd)
                                 Use For: Driverless train operation
                            Automatic train protection (Dcmvgyfm)
                                 Use For: Train safety control systems
                            Automatic train stop system (Dcmvgyfr)
                            Automatic train supervision (Dcmvgyfu)
                            Block control systems (Dcmvgyfx)
                                Fixed block control (Dcmvgyfxf)
                                Moving block control (Dcmvgyfxm)
                            Positive train control (Dcmvgyfy)
                                 Use For: Advanced train control systems