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Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)

Computer viruses ()
Communication and control (D)
    Control (Dc)
         Use For: Control theory
        Navigation (Dcn)
            Navigation processes (Dcnb)
                Pilotage and driving (Dcnbs)
                     Related Term (Associative): Vehicle operations (Br); Train operation (Dct)
                    Pilotage (Dcnbsc)
                         Use For: Course control; Piloting
                        Aircraft pilotage (Dcnbscb)
                             Use For: Air navigation; Aircraft control; Aircraft guidance; Flying; Navigation (Aeronautics)
                             Related Term (Associative): Air pilots (Mtbb); Flight simulators (Qtpstsf)
                        Ship pilotage (Dcnbscs)
                             Use For: Inland navigation; Ship control; Ship handling
                             Related Term (Associative): Ship pilots (Mtjg)
                            Docking (Dcnbscsd)
                                 Use For: Berthing procedures
                            Ice navigation (Dcnbscsj)
                            Maneuvering (Dcnbscsn)
                                 Use For: Manoeuvring; Ship maneuvering
                            Mooring (Dcnbscss)