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Types of detectors (Dmgde)

Computer viruses ()
Communication and control (D)
    Detection and identification (Dm)
        Detection and identification technologies (Dmg)
            Detectors (Dmgd)
                 Related Term (Associative): Identification systems (Dmbj)
                Types of detectors (Dmgde)
                    Acoustic detectors (Dmgdeb)
                    Infrared detectors (Dmgdee)
                         Use For: Infrared scanning
                    Loop detectors (Dmgdeh)
                         Use For: Induction loop detectors; Induction loops; Inductive loops
                         Related Term (Associative): 
                    Magnetic detectors (Dmgdek)
                    Magnetometer detectors (Dmgdem)
                    Microwave detectors (Dmgdeq)
                    Optical detectors (Dmgdet)
                    Photodetectors (Dmgdeu)
                    Proximity detectors (Dmgdew)
                         Use For: Obstacle detection
                    Scintillation counters (Dmgdex)
                    Video imaging detectors (Dmgdey)
                         Use For: Wide area detector systems
                Detectors by object of detection (Dmgdr)