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Commercial vehicle operations (Dtvbu)

Building information models ()
     Use For: BIM; Building information modeling; Building information modelling
Computer viruses ()
Computer security ()
     Use For: Cybersecurity
Format and content types ()
Operations research ()
Three dimensional printing ()
     Use For: 3D printing; Additive manufacturing
Time series analysis ()
Trigonometry ()
Communication and control (D)
    Telematics (Dt)
         Use For: Automotive telematics
         Related Term (Associative): Automatic vehicle location (Dmbyvm); Driver information systems (Dsfpd); Vehicle electronics (Qpv)
        Intelligent transportation systems (Dtv)
             Use For: Advanced transport telematics; ATT; Intelligent vehicle highway systems; ITS (Intelligent transportation systems); IVHS; Road transport informatics; RTI
            ITS program applications (Dtvb)
                 Related Term (Associative): Application programming interfaces (Xbkma)
                Advanced public transportation systems (Dtvbc)
                     Use For: APTS
                Advanced rural transportation systems (Dtvbf)
                     Use For: ARTS (Advanced rural transportation systems)
                Commercial vehicle operations (Dtvbu)
                     Use For: CVO
                     Related Term (Associative): Trucking (Aeght); Weigh in motion (Dmbyvw)