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Dredging (Fcfxeud)

Building information models ()
     Use For: BIM; Building information modeling; Building information modelling
Computer viruses ()
Computer security ()
     Use For: Cybersecurity
Format and content types ()
Operations research ()
Three dimensional printing ()
     Use For: 3D printing; Additive manufacturing
Time series analysis ()
Trigonometry ()
Construction and maintenance (F)
     Related Term (Associative): Civil engineering (Ttkf)
    Construction (Fc)
         Related Term (Associative): Building information models ()Computer viruses ()Computer security ()Format and content types ()Operations research ()Three dimensional printing ()Time series analysis ()Trigonometry ()
        Construction of specific facilities (Fcf)
            Excavation and tunneling (Fcfx)
                Excavation (Fcfxe)
                     Use For: Excavating
                    Underwater excavation (Fcfxeu)
                        Dredging (Fcfxeud)
                             Related Term (Associative): Dredged materials (Rbmdud)