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Resurfacing (Fmuhpr)

Construction and maintenance (F)
     Related Term (Associative): Civil engineering (Ttkf)
    Maintenance (Fm)
         Use For: Maintenance and repair
        Maintenance of specific facilities (Fmu)
            Highway maintenance (Fmuh)
                 Use For: Road maintenance; Roadwork
                 Related Term (Associative): Adopt-a-highway programs (Kwh); Work zones (Pdcw)
                Pavement maintenance (Fmuhp)
                    Crack and seat treatment (Fmuhpc)
                         Use For: Break and seat
                    Dowel bar retrofit (Fmuhpd)
                    Full-depth reclamation (Fmuhpf)
                         Use For: FDR (Full-depth reclamation); Full-depth recycling
                         Related Term (Associative): Rehabilitation (Maintenance) (Fmbk)
                    In-place recycling (Fmuhpi)
                         Use For: In-situ recycling
                         Related Term (Associative): Rehabilitation (Maintenance) (Fmbk); Recycling (Jfkyr)
                    Mudjacking (Fmuhpm)
                    Patching (Fmuhpp)
                    Resurfacing (Fmuhpr)
                         Use For: Repaving