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Tests (Gb)

Testing (G)
     Use For: Trials (Testing)
    Tests (Gb)
        Tests specific to a material, structure or device (Gbb)
        Chemical tests (Gbc)
        Mechanical tests (Gbg)
        Nondestructive tests (Gbh)
             Use For: NDTs; Nondestructive testing
        Tests for suitability, service and quality (Gbj)
        Surface texture tests (Gbk)
        Weld tests (Gbm)
        Tests by cycle (Gbp)
        Static and dynamic tests (Gbs)
        Tests by location (Gbw)
    Structural analysis (Ge)
         Use For: Determination of stress; Strain analysis; Stress analysis
    Measurement (Gm)
         Use For: Measuring
         Related Term (Associative): Traffic measurement (Bte); Monitoring (Dmbm); Performance measurement (Epdbr)
    Investigation of structure (Gn)
    Inspection (Gr)
    Experiments (Gs)
         Use For: Design of experiments; Experimentation
    Sampling (Gt)
    Testing equipment (Gu)
         Use For: Testing machines
         Related Term (Associative): ; Equipment (Qt)
    Samples, specimens and test holes (Gv)
    Structural models (Gw)
    Test procedures (Gy)
         Use For: Test methods
         Related Term (Associative):