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Mechanical tests (Gbg)

Computer viruses ()
Testing (G)
     Use For: Trials (Testing)
    Tests (Gb)
        Tests specific to a material, structure or device (Gbb)
        Chemical tests (Gbc)
        Mechanical tests (Gbg)
            Bend tests (Gbgb)
            Compression tests (Gbgd)
                 Use For: Compression testing
            Creep tests (Gbgf)
            Fatigue tests (Gbgh)
            Fracture tests (Gbgj)
                 Use For: Crush tests
            Hardness tests (Gbgl)
            Impact tests (Gbgn)
                 Use For: Shock tests
            Load tests (Gbgp)
                 Use For: Loading tests; Rolling load tests
            Pumping tests (Gbgr)
            Relaxation tests (Gbgt)
            Spiral flow tests (Gbgu)
            Tension tests (Gbgv)
                 Use For: Tensile tests
            Torsion tests (Gbgw)
            Vibration tests (Gbgx)
        Nondestructive tests (Gbh)
             Use For: NDTs; Nondestructive testing
        Tests for suitability, service and quality (Gbj)
        Surface texture tests (Gbk)
        Weld tests (Gbm)
        Tests by cycle (Gbp)
        Static and dynamic tests (Gbs)
        Tests by location (Gbw)