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Indicating instruments (Guk)

Computer viruses ()
Testing (G)
     Use For: Trials (Testing)
    Testing equipment (Gu)
         Use For: Testing machines
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Equipment (Qt)
        Automatic test equipment (Gub)
        Centrifuges (Guc)
        Gyratory testing machines (Gug)
        Indicating instruments (Guk)
             Related Term (Associative): Instrument panels (Qpeyj)
            Clocks (Gukc)
            Odometers (Gukp)
            Speed indicators (Guks)
            Weight indicators (Gukw)
        Measuring instruments (Gum)
             Use For: Gages; Gauges; Instruments; Measuring devices; Measuring equipment; Meters; Metres
        Microscopes (Gup)
        Recording instruments (Gur)
        Samplers (Gus)
        Spectrum analyzers (Gut)
        Test piles (Guu)
        Test stands (Gux)