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Galvanometers (Gumpdg)

Computer viruses ()
Testing (G)
     Use For: Trials (Testing)
    Testing equipment (Gu)
         Use For: Testing machines
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Equipment (Qt)
        Measuring instruments (Gum)
             Use For: Gages; Gauges; Instruments; Measuring devices; Measuring equipment; Meters; Metres
            Instruments for measuring specific phenomena (Gump)
                Instruments for measuring electricity (Gumpd)
                    Circuit analyzers (Gumpdc)
                         Use For: Volt ohm milliammeters
                    Electric meters (Gumpde)
                    Galvanometers (Gumpdg)
                        Galvanic skin response (Gumpdgg)
                    Noise generators (Gumpdn)
                    Oscilloscopes (Gumpdp)
                    Transient analyzers (Gumpdt)
                    Voltmeters (Gumpdv)