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Pressiometric probes (Gumppr)

Computer viruses ()
Testing (G)
     Use For: Trials (Testing)
    Testing equipment (Gu)
         Use For: Testing machines
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Equipment (Qt)
        Measuring instruments (Gum)
             Use For: Gages; Gauges; Instruments; Measuring devices; Measuring equipment; Meters; Metres
            Instruments for measuring specific phenomena (Gump)
                Instruments for measuring loads or pressure (Gumpp)
                    Barometers (Gumppb)
                    Load cells (Gumppe)
                    Loadometers (Gumpph)
                    Oedometers (Gumppi)
                    Piezometers (Gumppj)
                    Pitot tubes (Gumppn)
                    Pressiometric probes (Gumppr)
                    Pressure gages (Gumpps)
                         Use For: Pressuremeters
                    Pressure transducers (Gumppt)
                    Strain gages (Gumppv)
                         Use For: Strain gauges
                         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()