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Animal vehicle crashes (Hbbga)

Safety and security (H)
    Crashes (Hb)
         Use For: Accidents; Collisions
         Related Term (Associative): ; Emergencies (Hhge)
        Crash types (Hbb)
             Use For: Accident types
             Related Term (Associative): 
            Ground transportation crashes (Hbbg)
                 Use For: Ground transportation accidents
                Animal vehicle crashes (Hbbga)
                     Use For: Animal vehicle collisions
                Bicycle crashes (Hbbgb)
                     Use For: Bicycle accidents; Cycling accidents; Cycling crashes
                Bus crashes (Hbbgc)
                     Use For: Bus accidents
                Moped crashes (Hbbgk)
                     Use For: Moped accidents
                Motorcycle crashes (Hbbgm)
                     Use For: Motorcycle accidents
                Pedestrian vehicle crashes (Hbbgp)
                     Use For: Pedestrian accidents
                Railroad crashes (Hbbgr)
                     Use For: Railroad accidents
                Traffic crashes (Hbbgt)
                     Use For: Highway accidents; Highway crashes; Traffic accidents
                     Related Term (Associative): ; Traffic (Bt); Incident management (Dcmthcj); Traffic crash victims (Mswvat)
                Truck crashes (Hbbgu)
                     Use For: Truck accidents
                Transit crashes (Hbbgw)
                     Use For: Transit accidents