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Injury types (Hjp)

Computer viruses ()
Safety and security (H)
    Injuries (Hj)
         Use For: Injury; Trauma
        Injury classification (Hjb)
        Injury causes (Hjc)
        Injury characteristics (Hjh)
        Injury types (Hjp)
            Skin injuries (Hjpb)
            Amputations (Hjpc)
            Fractures (Anatomy) (Hjpd)
            Dislocations (Hjpe)
            Burns (Injuries) (Hjpf)
            Crushing injuries (Hjpg)
            Open wounds (Hjpm)
            Penetrating injuries (Hjpp)
                 Use For: Perforations (Injuries); Punctures (Injuries)
            Traumatic brain injuries (Hjpt)
                 Use For: Concussion
            Internal injuries (Hjpv)
            Bleeding (Hjpw)
                 Use For: Hemorrhage
            Pathological processes (Hjpy)
        Crash injury research (Hjr)
             Use For: Collision injury research
             Related Term (Associative): Biodynamics (Tpdbd); Transportation medicine (Ttux)