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Alcohol use (Hmds)

Safety and security (H)
    Pathology (Hm)
        Diseases and medical conditions (Hmd)
             Use For: Illness; Medical conditions
             Related Term (Associative): Plant diseases (Fmuko); Physical disabilities (Mxc); Pathology (Ttup)
            Cardiovascular diseases (Hmdb)
            Occupational diseases (Hmdc)
            Communicable diseases (Hmdd)
                 Use For: Contagious diseases; Infectious diseases
                 Related Term (Associative): Epidemiology (Hmxp); Epidemiology (Ttud)
            Ear diseases (Hmde)
            Cancer (Hmdf)
                 Related Term (Associative): Carcinogens (Rbmdsb)
            Glandular diseases (Hmdg)
            Hypoxia (Hmdh)
            Nervous system diseases (Hmdn)
            Drug use (Hmdq)
            Alcohol use (Hmds)
                 Use For: Alcohol consumption; Social drinking
                Legal drinking age (Hmdsa)
                Alcohol abuse (Hmdsb)
                Alcoholism (Hmdsd)
                     Use For: Alcoholics
                Alcohol effects (Hmdse)
                Alcoholic beverages (Hmdsu)
                Drinking establishments (Hmdsx)
                     Use For: Bars (Drinking establishments); Taverns