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Hydrologic phenomena (Jbh)

Computer viruses ()
Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Areas and regions (V)
    Environmental phenomena (Jb)
        Astronomical phenomena (Jbb)
        Outer space (Jbc)
        Celestial bodies (Jbd)
        Geological phenomena (Jbg)
        Hydrologic phenomena (Jbh)
            Aggressive waters (Jbha)
            Degradation (Hydrology) (Jbhb)
            Desiccation (Jbhc)
            Drainage (Jbhd)
                 Use For: Soil drainage; Storm water drainage; Stormwater drainage
                 Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
            Floods (Jbhf)
                 Use For: Flooding
            Hydrologic cycle (Jbhh)
            Streamflow (Jbhi)
                 Use For: River flow; Stream flow
            River currents (Jbhl)
            Ocean currents (Jbhm)
            Peak discharge (Jbhn)
            Ponding (Jbho)
            Runoff (Jbhp)
                 Use For: Storm water runoff; Stormwater runoff
            Sediment discharge (Jbhr)
            Seepage (Jbhs)
            Storm surges (Jbht)
            Upwelling (Jbhu)
            Water table (Jbhv)
                 Use For: Water levels
                 Related Term (Associative): Aquifers (Vsb)
            Water waves (Jbhw)
                 Related Term (Associative): Waves (Smw)
            Sea level (Jbhx)
                 Related Term (Associative): Global warming (Jbmwnw)
            Phenomena of frozen water (Jbhy)
        Meteorological phenomena (Jbm)
        Deterioration by environmental action (Jby)
             Related Term (Associative): Deterioration (Pte)