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Seepage (Jbhs)

Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): ; Areas and regions (V)
    Environmental phenomena (Jb)
        Hydrologic phenomena (Jbh)
            Aggressive waters (Jbha)
            Degradation (Hydrology) (Jbhb)
            Desiccation (Jbhc)
            Drainage (Jbhd)
                 Use For: Soil drainage; Storm water drainage; Stormwater drainage
                 Related Term (Associative): 
            Floods (Jbhf)
                 Use For: Flooding
            Hydrologic cycle (Jbhh)
            Streamflow (Jbhi)
                 Use For: River flow; Stream flow
            River currents (Jbhl)
            Ocean currents (Jbhm)
            Peak discharge (Jbhn)
            Ponding (Jbho)
            Runoff (Jbhp)
                 Use For: Storm water runoff; Stormwater runoff
            Sediment discharge (Jbhr)
            Seepage (Jbhs)
            Storm surges (Jbht)
            Upwelling (Jbhu)
            Water table (Jbhv)
                 Use For: Water levels
                 Related Term (Associative): Aquifers (Vsb)
            Water waves (Jbhw)
                 Related Term (Associative): Waves (Smw)
            Sea level (Jbhx)
                 Related Term (Associative): Global warming (Jbmwnw)
            Phenomena of frozen water (Jbhy)