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Atmospheric phenomena (Jbmbk)

Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): ; Areas and regions (V)
    Environmental phenomena (Jb)
        Meteorological phenomena (Jbm)
            Atmosphere (Jbmb)
                Atmospheric layers (Jbmba)
                     Use For: Atmospheric shells
                Properties of the atmosphere (Jbmbb)
                Atmospheric phenomena (Jbmbk)
                    Atmospheric circulation (Jbmbkd)
                         Use For: Air circulation
                    Atmospheric diffusion (Jbmbkg)
                    Atmospheric turbulence (Jbmbkj)
                    Haze (Jbmbkk)
                    Lightning (Jbmbkl)
                    Water in the atmosphere (Jbmbkm)
                    Atmospheric pressure phenomena (Jbmbkp)
                    Heat storage (Jbmbks)
                    Wind (Jbmbkw)
                         Use For: Atmospheric motion; Winds
                Model atmosphere (Jbmby)
                     Use For: Atmosphere models; Atmospheric models