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Deterioration by environmental action (Jby)

Computer viruses ()
Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Areas and regions (V)
    Environmental phenomena (Jb)
        Astronomical phenomena (Jbb)
        Outer space (Jbc)
        Celestial bodies (Jbd)
        Geological phenomena (Jbg)
        Hydrologic phenomena (Jbh)
        Meteorological phenomena (Jbm)
        Deterioration by environmental action (Jby)
             Related Term (Associative): Deterioration (Pte)
            Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
                 Use For: Bacterial degradation; Biodegradation; Decay; Microbial degradation
            Fouling (Naval architecture) (Jbyd)
                 Use For: Biological fouling; Hull fouling
            Flood damage (Jbye)
            Frost damage (Jbyf)
            Moisture damage (Jbym)
                 Use For: Water damage
                 Related Term (Associative): Waterproofing (Fccmww); Moisture barriers (Rbmnfj)
            Scour (Jbyn)
                 Use For: Channel erosion; Stream erosion; Stream scour; Water erosion
            Settlement (Structures) (Jbyp)
                 Use For: Settling; Subsidence
            Silting (Jbyq)
                 Use For: Siltation; Silting up
            Thermal degradation (Jbyt)
                 Use For: Thermal cracking
            Weathering (Jbyy)