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Flood damage (Jbye)

Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): ; Areas and regions (V)
    Environmental phenomena (Jb)
        Deterioration by environmental action (Jby)
             Related Term (Associative): Deterioration (Pte)
            Biodeterioration (Jbyb)
                 Use For: Bacterial degradation; Biodegradation; Decay; Microbial degradation
            Fouling (Naval architecture) (Jbyd)
                 Use For: Biological fouling; Hull fouling
            Flood damage (Jbye)
            Frost damage (Jbyf)
            Moisture damage (Jbym)
                 Use For: Water damage
                 Related Term (Associative): Waterproofing (Fccmww); Moisture barriers (Rbmnfj)
            Scour (Jbyn)
                 Use For: Channel erosion; Stream erosion; Stream scour; Water erosion
            Settlement (Structures) (Jbyp)
                 Use For: Settling; Subsidence
            Silting (Jbyq)
                 Use For: Siltation; Silting up
            Thermal degradation (Jbyt)
                 Use For: Thermal cracking
            Weathering (Jbyy)