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Thermal power generation (Jnrrppt)

Environment (J)
     Related Term (Associative): ; Areas and regions (V)
    Natural resources (Jn)
         Use For: Earth resources; Resources
        Resource development and utilization (Jnr)
            Resource development (Jnrr)
                Electric power generation and transmission (Jnrrp)
                     Related Term (Associative): Electrical installation (Fcap)
                    Electric power generation (Jnrrpp)
                         Use For: Electric power production; Power generation
                        Hydroelectric power generation (Jnrrpph)
                        Nuclear power generation (Jnrrppn)
                        Solar power generation (Jnrrpps)
                             Related Term (Associative): Solar energy (Sose)
                        Thermal power generation (Jnrrppt)
                        Waste heat utilization (Jnrrppu)
                        Wind power generation (Jnrrppw)