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Cardiovascular system (Myv)

Computer viruses ()
Persons and personal characteristics (M)
    Physical anatomy (My)
        Skin and hair system (Myb)
        Nervous system (Myc)
        Head (Myd)
        Neck (Mye)
        Shoulder (Myf)
        Thorax (Myh)
             Use For: Chest
        Back (Myi)
        Spinal column (Myj)
             Use For: Cervical spine; Spine
        Abdomen (Myk)
             Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
        Pelvis (Myn)
        Extremities (Myp)
        Skeletal system (Mys)
        Muscular system (Myt)
        Musculoskeletal system (Myu)
        Cardiovascular system (Myv)
             Use For: Circulation (Anatomy); Circulatory system
            Arteries (Myva)
            Veins (Myvg)
            Capillaries (Myvk)
            Respiratory system (Myvr)
                 Use For: Respiration
                 Related Term (Associative): Apnea (Hmdbc)
        Anatomical models (Myx)
             Related Term (Associative): Dummies (Hjrsb); Anthropometry (Mxbh)