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Railroads (Nbbcg)

Computer viruses ()
Organizations (N)
     Use For: Organisations
    Businesses (Nb)
         Use For: Service industries
        Carriers (Nbb)
             Use For: Intermodal transportation companies
            Carriers by mode (Nbbc)
                Airlines (Nbbcb)
                     Use For: Air carriers; Air lines; Airline industry
                     Related Term (Associative): 
                Motor carriers (Nbbcd)
                Railroads (Nbbcg)
                     Use For: Railways
                    Short line railroads (Nbbcga)
                    Regional railroads (Nbbcgf)
                    Cable railroads (Nbbcgp)
                         Use For: Funicular railroads
                         Related Term (Associative): ; Aerial tramways (Pbcud); Wire rope (Rbmdxqrw)
                    Electric railroads (Nbbcgq)
                    Street railroads (Nbbcgr)
                    Switching and terminal companies (Nbbcgt)
                         Use For: Beltlines
                    Industrial railroads (Nbbcgv)
                    Private car lines (Nbbcgy)
                Pipeline companies (Nbbck)
                Ship lines (Nbbcm)
                     Use For: Shipping companies; Steamship lines
                Taxicab companies (Nbbct)
                     Use For: Taxi industry
                Transit operating agencies (Nbbcu)
                     Use For: Mass transit lines; Public transit lines; Transit lines