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Joints (Engineering) (Pbpbh)

Computer viruses ()
Facilities (P)
     Use For: Complexes; Installations
    Structures (Pb)
         Use For: Buildings
        Structural parts (Pbp)
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt)
            Structural members (Pbpb)
                 Related Term (Associative): Materials by shape or form (Rbmdx)
                Arches (Pbpba)
                Ceilings (Pbpbb)
                Chimneys (Pbpbc)
                Conduits (Pbpbd)
                Floors (Pbpbe)
                Foundations (Pbpbf)
                Frames (Pbpbg)
                     Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
                Joints (Engineering) (Pbpbh)
                    Backing strips (Pbpbhb)
                    Ball and socket joints (Pbpbhc)
                    Butt joints (Pbpbhd)
                    Construction joints (Pbpbhe)
                    Bolted joints (Pbpbhf)
                    Contraction joints (Pbpbhh)
                    Expansion joints (Pbpbhk)
                         Use For: Isolation joints
                         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
                    Lap joints (Pbpbhp)
                    Longitudinal joints (Pbpbhs)
                    Sawed joints (Pbpbht)
                    Seams (Pbpbhu)
                    Transverse joints (Pbpbhv)
                Lattices (Pbpbj)
                Openings (Pbpbk)
                Ramps, corridors and stairs (Pbpbl)
                Rooms (Pbpbm)
                Roofs (Pbpbp)
                     Use For: Roofing
                Shells (Structural forms) (Pbpbt)
                     Use For: Shell structures; Structural shells
                Slabs (Pbpbu)
                Structural supports (Pbpbv)
                Walls (Pbpbw)
                Welds (Pbpbx)
                     Related Term (Associative): Weld strength (Rkmabw)
                Structural members by elevation (Pbpby)