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Canals and waterways (Pmhj)

Computer viruses ()
Facilities (P)
     Use For: Complexes; Installations
    Transportation, hydraulic and utility facilities (Pm)
        Hydraulic structures (Pmh)
            Harbors (Pmhb)
                 Use For: Harbours
            Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
                 Use For: Bank protective works; Coastal structures; River protective works; Shore protective works
            Lighthouses (Pmhe)
            Canals and waterways (Pmhj)
                Canals (Pmhjc)
                Waterways (Pmhjw)
                Parts of canals and waterways (Pmhjy)
            Dams (Pmhm)
            Irrigation and drainage structures (Pmhp)
            Water supply and distribution structures (Pmhs)
            Sewerage structures (Pmhv)
                 Use For: Sanitary facilities
            Offshore structures (Pmhy)
                 Use For: Deep water structures