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Offshore platforms (Pmhyp)

Computer viruses ()
Facilities (P)
     Use For: Complexes; Installations
    Transportation, hydraulic and utility facilities (Pm)
        Hydraulic structures (Pmh)
            Offshore structures (Pmhy)
                 Use For: Deep water structures
                Caissons (Pmhyc)
                Floating structures (Pmhyf)
                     Related Term (Associative): Pontoon bridges (Pdybmdn)
                Moored structures (Pmhym)
                Offshore platforms (Pmhyp)
                     Use For: Ocean platforms
                    Offshore drilling platforms (Pmhypd)
                         Use For: Drilling platforms
                Offshore power plants (Pmhyq)
                     Use For: Floating power plants
                Offshore terminals (Pmhys)
                     Related Term (Associative): Offshore airports (Pmfcbp)
                Underwater structures (Pmhyu)