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Special purpose automobiles (Qbddhmck)

Computer viruses ()
Vehicles and equipment (Q)
    Vehicles (Qb)
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Computer viruses ()
        Ground vehicles (Qbd)
             Use For: Land vehicles
            Motor vehicles (Qbdd)
                 Use For: Automotive vehicles
                Passenger vehicles (Qbddh)
                    Private passenger vehicles (Qbddhm)
                        Automobiles (Qbddhmc)
                            Automobiles by type (Qbddhmcc)
                            Special purpose automobiles (Qbddhmck)
                                Automobiles for the physically disabled (Qbddhmckh)
                                     Use For: Automobiles for people with disabilities
                                Race cars (Qbddhmckr)
                                     Related Term (Associative): Racing (Ccbkxrsn)
                                Rental cars (Qbddhmckt)
                                     Related Term (Associative): Vehicle sharing (Bmyv)
                            Automobiles by motive power (Qbddhmcp)