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Aircraft by motive power (Qbkp)

Vehicles and equipment (Q)
    Vehicles (Qb)
         Related Term (Associative): ; 
        Aircraft (Qbk)
             Related Term (Associative): Aeronautical engineering (Ttkbb)
            Drones (Qbkd)
                 Use For: Drone aircraft; Pilotless aircraft; Unmanned aerial vehicles; Unmanned aircraft
                 Related Term (Associative): ; Unmanned aircraft systems (Dcmvbu); Unmanned underwater vehicles (Qbddkjau)
            Transport aircraft (Qbkf)
            Passenger aircraft (Qbkh)
            Utility aircraft (Qbkk)
            Aircraft by type of lift (Qbkm)
            Aircraft by ownership (Qbko)
            Aircraft by motive power (Qbkp)
                Human powered aircraft (Qbkph)
                Jet propelled aircraft (Qbkpj)
                     Use For: Jet planes
                Propeller driven aircraft (Qbkpp)
                Wind powered aircraft (Qbkpw)
            Aircraft by speed (Qbks)
            Aircraft by size (Qbkw)
            Seaplanes (Qbky)