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Manual safety belts (Qpqrm)

Computer viruses ()
Vehicles and equipment (Q)
    Vehicle components (Qp)
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
        Occupant protection devices (Qpq)
             Related Term (Associative): Vehicle safety (Haav)
            Restraint systems (Qpqr)
                 Related Term (Associative): 
                Attachment hardware (Qpqra)
                Manual safety belts (Qpqrm)
                     Use For: Safety belts
                    Knee restraints (Qpqrmk)
                    Seat belts (Qpqrmp)
                         Use For: Seatbelts
                    Shoulder harnesses (Qpqrmt)
                         Use For: Safety harnesses
                    Three point restraint systems (Qpqrmu)
                Passive restraint systems (Qpqrp)
                Child restraint systems (Qpqry)
                     Use For: Car seats; Child car seats; Child safety seats
                     Related Term (Associative): Children (Mbc)