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Ignition coils (Qtbmbereqj)

Computer viruses ()
Vehicles and equipment (Q)
    Equipment (Qt)
         Use For: Apparatus; Devices
         Related Term (Associative): Control devices (Dcj); Communication devices (Dsg); Testing equipment (Gu); Structural parts (Pbp); Building materials (Rbm)
        Types of equipment (Qtb)
            Machines (Qtbm)
                Types of machines (Qtbmb)
                     Related Term (Associative): Equipment by end use (Qtp)
                    Engines (Qtbmbe)
                        Engine components (Qtbmber)
                             Use For: Engine parts
                            Engine electrical components (Qtbmbere)
                                 Related Term (Associative): Vehicle electrical systems (Qpu)
                                Ignition systems (Qtbmbereq)
                                    Ignition coils (Qtbmbereqj)
                                    Alcohol ignition interlock devices (Qtbmbereqr)
                                         Use For: Alcolocks
                                         Related Term (Associative): Drunk driving (Hmdsedd)
                                    Ignition seat belt interlocks (Qtbmbereqs)
                                    Spark plugs (Qtbmberequ)