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Securing and joining equipment (Qtpu)

Computer viruses ()
Vehicles and equipment (Q)
    Equipment (Qt)
         Use For: Apparatus; Devices
         Related Term (Associative): Control devices (Dcj); Communication devices (Dsg); Testing equipment (Gu); Structural parts (Pbp); Building materials (Rbm)
        Equipment by end use (Qtp)
             Related Term (Associative): Types of machines (Qtbmb)
            Agricultural equipment (Qtpa)
            Construction and maintenance equipment (Qtpb)
            Cleaning equipment (Qtpe)
            Energy storage devices (Qtpf)
            Handling and conveying equipment (Qtph)
            Containing equipment (Qtpk)
            Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment (Qtpm)
                 Related Term (Associative): Environmental control (Fcd); Environmental and sanitary systems in buildings (Pbpv)
            Lighting equipment (Qtpn)
                 Related Term (Associative): Lighting (Fcdm); Lighting systems (Pbpvm); Street lighting (Pmpv); Vehicle lighting (Qpum)
            Furniture (Qtpo)
            Photographic equipment (Qtpr)
            Safety equipment (Qtps)
                 Use For: Safety appliances; Safety devices
                 Related Term (Associative): 
            Tools (Qtpt)
            Securing and joining equipment (Qtpu)
                 Related Term (Associative): Fasteners (Rbmnk)
                Anchors (Mooring devices) (Qtpub)
                     Use For: Mooring anchors
                Anchor windlasses (Qtpuc)
                Anchors (Structural connectors) (Qtpud)
                Arrester wires (Qtpuf)
                Couplers (Qtpuh)
                     Use For: Car couplers
                Drawbars (Qtpuj)
                Flanges (Qtpuk)
                Gaskets (Qtpum)
                Mooring cables (Qtpur)
                     Related Term (Associative): Cables (Rbmdxqc)
                Rings (Devices) (Qtput)
                Seals (Devices) (Qtpuv)
                Tiedowns (Qtpuw)
                Towing devices (Qtpuy)
            Vending equipment (Qtpv)
            Data processing equipment (Qtpx)
                 Use For: Data processors
            Weapons (Qtpy)
                 Related Term (Associative): Guided missiles (Qbkomk)