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Individual organic compounds (Rbcgrr)

Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Chemicals (Rbc)
            Chemical compounds (Rbcg)
                Organic compounds (Rbcgr)
                    Groups of organic compounds (Rbcgrb)
                    Organic polymers (Rbcgro)
                    Individual organic compounds (Rbcgrr)
                        Acetic acid (Rbcgrrb)
                             Use For: Ethanolic acid
                        Benzene (Rbcgrrc)
                        Butadiene (Rbcgrrd)
                        Butane (Rbcgrre)
                        Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbcgrrf)
                             Use For: CMA
                        Carbene (Rbcgrrg)
                        Ethanol (Rbcgrrh)
                             Use For: Ethyl alcohol; Ethylalcohol
                        Ethylene glycol (Rbcgrrj)
                        Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
                             Use For: Formol; Methanal; Methylene oxide
                        Methane (Rbcgrrl)
                             Use For: Methyl hydride
                        Methanol (Rbcgrrm)
                             Use For: Methyl alcohol; Wood alcohol
                        Methyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrn)
                        Phenol (Rbcgrro)
                             Use For: Carbolic acid; Phenylic acid
                        Polymethyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrp)
                        Polypropylene (Rbcgrrq)
                        Polystyrene (Rbcgrrr)
                             Use For: Geofoam
                        Polytetrafluoroethylene (Rbcgrrs)
                             Use For: PTFE; Teflon
                        Polyvinyl acetate (Rbcgrrt)
                             Use For: PVA
                        Polyvinyl chloride (Rbcgrru)
                             Use For: Polyvinylchloride; PVC
                        Tetraethyl lead (Rbcgrrv)
                             Use For: TEL
                        Toluene (Rbcgrrw)
                             Use For: Methylbenzene; Phenylmethane
                        Urea (Rbcgrrx)
                             Use For: Carbamide
                        Urethane (Rbcgrry)
                             Use For: Ethyl carbamate; Ethyl urethane