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Portland cement (Rbmdfct)

Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Building materials (Rbm)
             Use For: Construction materials
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt)
            Building materials by properties (Rbmd)
                Ceramic materials (Rbmdf)
                     Use For: Ceramics
                     Related Term (Associative): 
                    Cement (Rbmdfc)
                         Use For: Cementitious materials
                        Air entraining cement (Rbmdfcb)
                        Aluminous cement (Rbmdfcd)
                             Use For: Aluminate cement
                        Asbestos cement (Rbmdfcf)
                        Expansive cement (Rbmdfch)
                             Use For: Shrinkage compensating cement
                        Gypsum cement (Rbmdfcj)
                        High early strength cement (Rbmdfcm)
                        Hydraulic cement (Rbmdfcp)
                        Lime cement (Rbmdfcr)
                        Portland cement (Rbmdfct)
                            Portland pozzolan cement (Rbmdfctp)
                        Slag cement (Rbmdfcu)
                        Sulfate resisting cement (Rbmdfcx)
                             Use For: Sulphate resistant cement
                        Cement additives (Rbmdfcy)