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Resins (Rbmdqr)

Computer viruses ()
Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Building materials (Rbm)
             Use For: Construction materials
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt)
            Building materials by properties (Rbmd)
                Plastics (Rbmdq)
                     Use For: Plastic materials; Polymeric materials
                    Formed plastics (Rbmdqb)
                    Elastomers (Rbmdqd)
                    Nylon (Rbmdqn)
                    Phenolic plastic (Rbmdqp)
                    Reinforced plastics (Rbmdqq)
                    Resins (Rbmdqr)
                        Acrylic resins (Rbmdqrb)
                        Alkyd resins (Rbmdqrd)
                        Epoxy resins (Rbmdqrf)
                        Ethylene resins (Rbmdqrh)
                             Use For: Polyethylene resins
                        Natural resins (Rbmdqrj)
                        Phenolic resins (Rbmdqrm)
                        Polyamide resins (Rbmdqrn)
                        Polyester resins (Rbmdqrp)
                             Use For: Polyesters
                        Polyurethane resins (Rbmdqrq)
                             Use For: Polyurethanes
                        Synthetic resins (Rbmdqrr)
                        Thermoplastic resins (Rbmdqrs)
                        Thermosetting resins (Rbmdqru)
                        Vinyl resins (Rbmdqrv)
                    Silicones (Rbmdqs)
                    Thermoplastic materials (Rbmdqt)
                         Use For: Thermoplastics; Thermoplasts
                    Thermosetting materials (Rbmdqu)
                         Use For: Thermosets