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Fasteners (Rbmnk)

Computer viruses ()
Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Building materials (Rbm)
             Use For: Construction materials
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt)
            Materials by function (Rbmn)
                Abrasives (Rbmnb)
                Adhesives (Rbmnd)
                Cleansers (Rbmne)
                     Use For: Cleaning agents; Cleaning compounds
                Coatings, fillers and paints (Rbmnf)
                Colorants (Rbmng)
                Coolants (Rbmnh)
                Cushioning materials (Rbmni)
                Deicing chemicals (Rbmnj)
                     Use For: Chemical deicing agents; Deicing salt; Snow melters
                     Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
                Fasteners (Rbmnk)
                     Related Term (Associative): Securing and joining equipment (Qtpu)
                    Bolts (Rbmnkb)
                    Chains (Rbmnkc)
                    Cotters (Rbmnkd)
                    Dowels (Fasteners) (Rbmnkf)
                    Fastenings (Rbmnkh)
                         Related Term (Associative): 
                    Locks (Fasteners) (Rbmnki)
                         Related Term (Associative): Door latches (Qpbce)
                    Hinges (Rbmnkk)
                    Lugs (Rbmnkl)
                    Nails (Rbmnkm)
                    Nuts (Fasteners) (Rbmnkn)
                    Pins (Rbmnkp)
                    Rivets (Rbmnkr)
                    Screws (Rbmnks)
                    Spikes (Rbmnkt)
                    Stud connectors (Rbmnkv)
                         Use For: Connectors (Fasteners)
                Materials by flammability (Rbmnm)
                Friction materials (Rbmnn)
                Insulating materials (Rbmnt)
                Linings (Rbmnu)
                     Related Term (Associative): Cured in place pipe (Rbmdxnph)
                Plasticizers (Rbmnv)
                Sorbents (Rbmnx)
                Wedges (Rbmny)