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Paving materials (Rbmuejp)

Computer viruses ()
Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Building materials (Rbm)
             Use For: Construction materials
             Related Term (Associative): Equipment (Qt)
            Materials by end use (Rbmu)
                Structural materials (Rbmue)
                    Materials in specific structural applications (Rbmuej)
                        Paving materials (Rbmuejp)
                             Related Term (Associative): Mixtures (Rbctm)
                            Cold mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejpc)
                                 Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
                            Warm mix paving mixtures (Rbmuejpf)
                            Hot mix asphalt (Rbmuejph)
                                 Use For: HMA; HMPA; Hot mix asphalt mixtures; Hot mix paving mixtures
                            Subbase materials (Rbmuejps)
                            Subgrade materials (Rbmuejpt)
                                 Use For: Bedding materials; Roadbed materials