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Chemical properties (Rkc)

Computer viruses ()
Materials (R)
    Properties of materials (Rk)
         Use For: Engineering properties
        Acoustic properties (Rkb)
        Chemical properties (Rkc)
            Aliphaticity (Rkca)
            Chemical composition (Rkcb)
                 Use For: Chemical structure
            Aromaticity (Rkcc)
            Chemical reactivity (Rkcf)
                 Use For: Reactivity
            Combustion efficiency (Rkcg)
            Concentration (Chemistry) (Rkch)
                 Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
            Drag factor (Chemistry) (Rkcj)
            Flammability (Rkcm)
            Octane number (Rkco)
            pH value (Rkcp)
            Polymorphism (Chemistry) (Rkcq)
                 Use For: Allotropism; Polytypism
            Solubility (Rkcs)
            Thixotropy (Rkct)
            Toxicity (Rkcv)
            Turbidity (Rkcx)
        Electrical properties (Rke)
             Use For: Electric properties
        Electromagnetic properties (Rkf)
        Mechanical properties (Rkm)
        Optical properties (Rko)
        Physical properties (Rkp)
             Use For: Physical characteristics
             Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses ()
        Physicochemical properties (Rkr)
        Thermal properties (Rkt)
             Use For: Thermodynamic properties
        Properties of fluids (Rkw)