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Adhesive strength (Rkmaa)

Materials (R)
    Properties of materials (Rk)
         Use For: Engineering properties
        Mechanical properties (Rkm)
            Strength of materials (Rkma)
                 Use For: Strength (Materials); Strength (Mechanics)
                Adhesive strength (Rkmaa)
                Bond strength (Materials) (Rkmab)
                Cohesive strength (Rkmac)
                Collapse strength (Rkmad)
                Compressive strength (Rkmae)
                     Use For: Compression strength
                Cyclic strength (Rkmaf)
                Fatigue strength (Rkmag)
                Field strength (Rkmah)
                Flexural strength (Rkmaj)
                     Use For: Bending strength; Flexural properties
                High strength (Rkmak)
                Longitudinal strength (Rkmal)
                Residual strength (Rkmam)
                Shear strength (Rkmar)
                     Use For: Shear resistance; Shearing strength
                Tear strength (Rkmas)
                Tensile strength (Rkmat)
                Torsional strength (Rkmau)
                Transverse strength (Rkmav)
                Ultimate strength (Rkmaw)
                Undrained strength (Rkmax)
                     Use For: Wet strength
                Yield strength (Rkmay)