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Coefficient of internal friction (Rkmye)

Materials (R)
    Properties of materials (Rk)
         Use For: Engineering properties
        Mechanical properties (Rkm)
            Mechanical properties by mathematical limits or values (Rkmy)
                Atterberg limits (Rkmya)
                     Use For: Consistency limits
                Bulk modulus (Rkmyb)
                     Use For: Bulk modulus of elasticity
                Coefficient of friction (Rkmyd)
                     Use For: Friction coefficient; Frictional coefficient
                Coefficient of internal friction (Rkmye)
                     Use For: Angle of internal friction
                Compliance constant (Rkmyg)
                     Use For: Elastic constant
                Deformation curve (Rkmyh)
                     Use For: Strain distribution; Stress distribution; Stress strain characteristics; Stress strain curves; Stress strain diagrams; Stress strain relations
                Design load (Rkmyi)
                Elastic limit (Rkmyj)
                Fatigue limit (Rkmyk)
                Hygroscopic coefficient (Rkmyl)
                     Use For: Hygroscopicity
                Influence lines (Rkmyn)
                Mechanical impedance (Rkmyo)
                Modulus of deformation (Rkmyp)
                     Use For: Deformability
                Modulus of elasticity (Rkmyq)
                     Use For: Elasticity modulus
                Modulus of resilience (Rkmyr)
                Modulus of rupture (Rkmys)
                Plasticity index (Rkmyt)
                Poisson ratio (Rkmyu)
                Shear modulus (Rkmyv)
                     Use For: Dynamic shear modulus
                Stress ratio (Rkmyw)
                Young's modulus (Rkmyx)
                Mechanical properties of pavements expressed numerically (Rkmyy)