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Density (Rkpd)

Materials (R)
    Properties of materials (Rk)
         Use For: Engineering properties
        Physical properties (Rkp)
             Use For: Physical characteristics
             Related Term (Associative): 
            Density (Rkpd)
                 Related Term (Associative): Compaction (Fcbc)
                Bulk density (Rkpdb)
                Compactibility (Rkpdc)
                     Use For: Compactability
                Dry density (Rkpdd)
                Field density (Rkpdf)
                High density (Rkpdh)
                In place density (Rkpdj)
                Low density (Rkpdk)
                Specific gravity (Rkpds)
                     Use For: Bulk specific gravity; Relative density
                Wet density (Rkpdw)
            Direction of measurement properties (Rkpj)
            Microstructure (Rkpk)
            Moisture content (Rkpm)
                 Use For: Water content
            Molecular structure (Rkpn)
                 Use For: Molecular structure Rkpn
            Porosity (Rkpp)
            Steady state (Rkps)
            Texture (Rkpt)
                 Use For: Surface properties; Surface texture
            Volume (Rkpv)
            Weight (Rkpw)