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Adiabatic conditions (Rkta)

Materials (R)
    Properties of materials (Rk)
         Use For: Engineering properties
        Thermal properties (Rkt)
             Use For: Thermodynamic properties
            Adiabatic conditions (Rkta)
            Diffusivity (Rktb)
                 Use For: Thermal diffusivity
            Enthalpy (Rkte)
                 Use For: Heat content; Sensible heat; Total heat
            Entropy (Statistical mechanics) (Rktf)
            Freeze thaw durability (Rktg)
            Frost susceptibility (Rkth)
            Specific heat (Rktk)
            Temperature (Rktm)
                 Use For: Temperature effects
            Thermal conductivity (Rktp)
                 Use For: Conductivity (Heat)
            Thermal resistance (Rktt)
                 Use For: Heat resistance
            Thermal stability (Rktv)
            Transport properties (Physics) (Rktw)