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Acoustic waves (Sbh)

Physical phenomena (S)
     Related Term (Associative): Physics (Tpx)
    Sound (Sb)
         Use For: Sound waves
         Related Term (Associative): Acoustics (Tpxc)
        Acoustic emission (Sbb)
        Acoustic scattering (Sbf)
        Acoustic waves (Sbh)
            Aerodynamic noise (Sbhd)
            Acoustic radiation (Sbhr)
        Directivity pattern (Sbi)
        Effective sound pressure (Sbj)
             Use For: Sound pressure
        Harmonics (Sbm)
        Infrasound (Sbp)
             Use For: Infrasonic noise
        Pitch (Acoustics) (Sbr)
        Sound attenuation (Sbt)
             Use For: Acoustic attenuation
        Sound transmission (Sbv)
             Use For: Noise propagation; Noise transmission; Sound propagation
        Speed of sound (Sbw)
             Use For: Acoustic velocity
        Ultrasonic waves (Sbx)
        Underwater sound (Sby)