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Nonnewtonian flow (Smdffm)

Computer viruses ()
Physical phenomena (S)
     Related Term (Associative): Physics (Tpx)
    Mechanics (Sm)
         Use For: Mechanical behavior; Statics and dynamics
        Dynamics (Smd)
            Fluid dynamics (Smdf)
                 Use For: Computational fluid dynamics
                Flow (Smdff)
                     Related Term (Associative): Traffic flow (Bthf)
                    Boundary layer flow (Smdffa)
                    Flow by speed (Smdffb)
                    Compressible flow (Smdffc)
                    Confined flow (Smdffd)
                         Use For: Duct flow
                    Convection (Fluid mechanics) (Smdffe)
                         Use For: Bulk flow
                    Flow equations (Smdfff)
                    Infiltration (Smdffg)
                         Use For: Fluid infiltration
                    Laminar flow (Smdffi)
                         Use For: Laminar boundary layer flow
                    Multidimensional flow (Smdffk)
                    Multiphase flow (Smdffl)
                    Nonnewtonian flow (Smdffm)
                    Nonuniform flow (Smdffn)
                    Overflows (Smdffo)
                    Overtopping (Smdffp)
                    Percolation (Smdffq)
                    Seepage (Smdffr)
                    Slip (Fluid mechanics) (Smdffs)
                    Transitional flow (Smdfft)
                    Turbulence (Smdffu)
                    Viscous flow (Smdffv)
                    Vortices (Smdffw)
                         Use For: Vortex motion
                    Wakes (Smdffx)
                         Use For: Wake vortices
                    Unsteady flow (Smdffy)