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Overturning (Smfp)

Computer viruses ()
Physical phenomena (S)
     Related Term (Associative): Physics (Tpx)
    Mechanics (Sm)
         Use For: Mechanical behavior; Statics and dynamics
        Failure (Smf)
             Use For: Fatigue failure
             Related Term (Associative): Defects (Ptq)
            Collapse (Smfc)
            Cracking (Smfd)
                 Use For: Cracks; Ductile fracture; Fissures
            Debonding (Smfe)
            Fatigue (Mechanics) (Smff)
                 Use For: Fatigue (Materials)
            Fracture mechanics (Smfh)
                 Use For: Breaking; Brittle fractures; Cracking (Fracturing); Disintegration (Materials); Fracturing
            Overturning (Smfp)
                 Related Term (Associative): Rollover crashes (Hbbgtat)
            Segregation (Aggregates) (Smfr)
            Stripping (Pavements) (Smfs)
                 Use For: Fretting (Pavements); Raveling (Pavements)
                 Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); 
            Tearing (Smft)
                 Use For: Bursting; Lamellar tearing; Ripping