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Aerodynamic force (Smima)

Physical phenomena (S)
     Related Term (Associative): Physics (Tpx)
    Mechanics (Sm)
         Use For: Mechanical behavior; Statics and dynamics
        Force (Smi)
            Loads (Smim)
                Aerodynamic force (Smima)
                     Use For: Aerodynamic loads; Wind forces
                    Aerodynamic lift (Smimam)
                         Use For: Lift
                    Stall (Smimas)
                    Thrust (Smimau)
                    Wing loading (Smimaw)
                Axial loads (Smimb)
                Axle load force (Smimc)
                Breaking loads (Smimd)
                     Use For: Ultimate loads
                Concentrated loads (Smimf)
                Dynamic loads (Smimh)
                     Use For: Dynamic force
                Live loads (Smimm)
                     Use For: Moving loads
                Repeated loads (Smimr)
                     Use For: Cyclic loads
                Static loads (Smims)
                     Use For: Dead loads
                Load transfer (Smimw)
                     Use For: Load distribution