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Phase transitions (Stp)

Computer viruses ()
Physical phenomena (S)
     Related Term (Associative): Physics (Tpx)
    Heat (St)
         Related Term (Associative): Thermodynamics (Tpxy)
        Heat balance (Stb)
        Heat conduction (Stc)
        Heat convection (Std)
        Heat cycle (Ste)
             Use For: Thermodynamic cycle
        Heat exchange (Stf)
        Heat flow (Stg)
             Use For: Heat transmission
        Heat flux (Sth)
        Heat loss (Stj)
        Heat radiation (Stk)
             Use For: Thermal radiation
        Heat transfer (Stm)
        Latent heat (Stn)
        Phase equilibrium (Sto)
        Phase transitions (Stp)
             Use For: Change of state; Phase transformations
            Boiling (Stpb)
                 Use For: Ebullition
            Condensation (Stpc)
            Contraction (Thermodynamics) (Stpd)
            Evaporation (Stpe)
            Freezing (Stpf)
            Liquefaction (Stpk)
            Melting (Stpm)
            Solidification (Stps)
            Vapor phases (Stpu)
            Volatilization (Stpv)
                 Use For: Vaporization
        Supercooling (Stq)
        Temperature gradients (Str)
        Degradation (Thermodynamics) (Sts)
        Thermal diffusion (Stt)
        Thermal efficiency (Stu)
             Use For: Efficiency (Thermodynamics)
        Thermal expansion (Stv)
        Thermal fatigue (Stw)
        Thermal stresses (Stx)
        Vapor pressure (Sty)